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Pallet Detection on Roller Conveyor Systems—Optical or Ultrasonic?

Until recently, customized solutions were required to detect different pallet types on roller conveyor systems. The Pallet Detector from Pepperl+Fuchs now allows flexible switching between two technologies. This enables different types of pallets to be detected using a single solution. Find out which version is most suitable for which type of pallet!

By |February 06, 2023|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Changeover from ASi Gateway K20 to KE5: IIoT-Ready In 3 Steps

The multiprotocol-capable AS-Interface gateway type KE5 makes your AS-Interface network ready for IIoT applications. Learn how to switch from the legacy type K20 ASi gateway with PROFINET interface to the IIoT-ready ASi-3 gateway KE5 in three steps.

By |January 25, 2023|Categories: Industry 4.0, Industrial Sensors|

How to Assemble the VOS 2-D Universal Vision Sensor for Your Application

The VOS 2-D universal vision sensor portfolio offers high scalability on the hardware side, from simple vision applications to more demanding tasks. In this blog article, you will get an overview of the VOS hardware components as well as the criteria for the optimal mix so that you can tailor your vision sensor exactly to your application.

By |December 13, 2022|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Mounting Dual Inductive Sensors on Manual Valves

The dual inductive sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs make it possible to monitor the position of the valves in your process plant at any time. But what is the best way to mount the sensors? This blog article will help you decide on the right accessories.

By |December 07, 2022|Categories: Industrial Sensors|

4 Sensor Applications to Control a Metal Coil Feeding Line

Controlling a metal coil feeding line with the right sensor technology minimizes machine downtime while maximizing part quality and yield. Get to know different sensor principles in four applications to control a metal coil feeding line.

By |November 03, 2022|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Choosing the Right BlueBeam Rotary Encoder for Your Application

Pepperl+Fuchs BlueBeam rotary encoders offer high accuracy, which is particularly useful in applications where even minimal deviations lead to reduced performance. BlueBeam rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs offer a unique level of precision—but which version is best suited for your application? This blog article will give you a concise overview.

By |August 22, 2022|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Valve Position Feedback with Dual Inductive Sensors

Dual inductive sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs ensure reliable and fault-free valve position feedback—even under the most demanding environmental conditions. Find out in this blog article which dual inductive sensor is the optimal solution for your process application.

By |June 30, 2022|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Metal Data Matrix Code Bars—the Rugged Solution for Your Positioning System

For PGV and PXV positioning systems in harsh industrial environments, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed Data Matrix code bars made of printed aluminium. In this blog article, you will learn how these code bars can make your positioning solution more durable and rugged.

By |May 10, 2022|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

New Design M8 and M12 Connectors—Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Pepperl+Fuchs has recently introduced a new, optimized design of M8 and M12 connectors. In this blog article, you will learn more about the benefits of this new design—from installation to maintenance.

By |April 27, 2022|Categories: Industrial Sensors|

Monitoring the Condition of Your Plants With Vibration Sensors

To enable long-term monitoring of vibrations, Pepperl+Fuchs recently launched a new portfolio of vibration sensors. You can find out what distinguishes these products in the following blog article. Using a wind turbine as an application example, we will also show you how you can use vibration and acceleration sensors in combination to keep an eye on both long-term and short-term changes in vibration.

By |February 11, 2022|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

When Does it Make Sense to Use a Vibration Sensor?

Pepperl+Fuchs recently launched a new portfolio of sensors for vibration monitoring. In this blog article, you will learn more about how vibration sensors work. Learn how you can use these sensors to monitor the condition of your machines and perform predictive maintenance.

By |February 04, 2022|Categories: Industrial Sensors, Industry 4.0|

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