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What Is Purging and Pressurization?

Purging and pressurization is a safe and cost-effective type of explosion protection that allows electrical equipment to be used in a standard enclosure in potentially explosive atmospheres. Find out more about the Ex p type of protection and the functional principle of pressurized enclosures in explosive gas and dust atmospheres in our blog article.

By |October 13, 2022|Categories: Explosion Protection|

eDIAGNOSTICS App—Simplifying Mobile Device Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Intrinsically safe mobile devices from Pepperl+Fuchs' brand ecom have become an integral part of everyday work life in many process plants and hazardous areas. To support the reliability of the mobile devices, ecom developed the eDIAGNOSTICS app—a diagnostic tool to optimize the technical support for the mobile devices Smart-Ex® 02 and Ex-Handy 10.

By |March 21, 2022|Categories: Applications, Explosion Protection|

Ethernet-APL Simply Explained—How Parallel Communications Work

Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer, Ethernet-APL for short, is the physical layer for transmitting data into the field of process plants. Learn how parallel communication works today and what possible options there are to access data.

By |November 23, 2021|Categories: Knowledge Base, Explosion Protection, Industry 4.0|

SIL 3 Current Drivers for Intrinsically Safe Signals – Minimal Hardware Costs and Improved Test Intervals

Pepperl+Fuchs' innovative SIL 3 current drivers featuring Ex ia control circuits make complex workarounds implementing redundancy via two SIL 2 control circuits a thing of the past. Most importantly, the new isolated barriers can improve the test intervals of SIL 2 shutdowns. Read this blog article to find out exactly how.

By |October 29, 2021|Categories: Safety, Explosion Protection|

PS1000 Industrial Power Supplies in Redundant Architectures up to Zone 2/Div. 2

Industrial power supplies of the PS1000 series are used everywhere in automation technology where high system availability, redundancy and economic efficiency are required. The PS1000 series includes 1- and 3-phase power supplies as well as modules with built-in redundancy and redundancy modules. In this blog article, we take a closer look at the advantages and functionalities of these modules and support you in setting up your redundant power supply.

By |October 19, 2021|Categories: Explosion Protection|

Setup, Installation and Commissioning of the 5500-MAN Manifold Valve System for Fully Automatic Pressurized Enclosure Systems

In this two-part video series, Chris Romano, Product Manager for Purge and Pressurization, shows you the intended use, setup, installation, and commissioning of the 5500-MAN-** manifold valve system for the fully automatic pressurized enclosure systems of the 5500 and 7500 control units from Pepperl+Fuchs in a live demo. What is the 5500-MAN-** manifold valve system and how does it work with the 7500 or 5500 control unit?

By |September 14, 2021|Categories: Explosion Protection|

Circuit Fault Detection without Additional Wiring

From the recording of the process variable to the evaluation in the control system, many errors can occur that can lead to unwanted process states. In this blog post you can find out how isolated barriers from Pepperl+Fuchs detect line faults in the signal circuit without additional wiring.

By |July 19, 2021|Categories: Explosion Protection|

Configuring the 7500 Series Purge and Pressurization System

The 7500 series is a type Z/Ex pzc purge and pressurization system that enables non-rated electrical equipment to be used in hazardous areas. This blog article shows you how to configure the 7500 system components, i.e. control unit, manifold valve, and vent.

By |June 16, 2021|Categories: Explosion Protection|

How to Prevent Dust Explosions Using Pressurization

One of the best ways to prevent dust explosions is to thoroughly clean the work environment of combustible dust to ensure the safety of the plant and workers. However, equipment operating in enclosures in the plant must also be protected. In this blog post, learn where explosive dust atmospheres occur and how they can be avoided through purge and pressurization systems.

By |May 25, 2021|Categories: Explosion Protection|

Simplifying Thin Client Management with VisuNet Control Center

For automation sites that have implemented a Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet RM Shell thin-client-based architecture for their HMI systems, VisuNet Control Center can be used to make life more manageable inside and outside of the facility.

By |February 25, 2021|Categories: Explosion Protection|

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