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Securing Cargo on AMRs and AGVs

Picking up, securing, and safely transporting cargo is the most important task of any automated guided vehicle (AGV) or autonomous mobile robot (AMR). Whether metal racks, containers or pallets: In this article you will learn which sensor technology is best suited for the which kind of cargo.

By |December 02, 2020|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

5 Reasons for the Industrial Use of LoRaWAN Technology

As Industry 4.0 grows, interest in radio-based sensors is also increasing. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is one technology that is becoming more and more popular in this context and is attracting the attention of industrial companies.

By |October 23, 2020|Categories: Industrial Sensors, Industry 4.0, Technologies|

AMR Glass Detection with Ultrasonic Sensors

Autonomous mobile robots, AMRs, typically use LiDAR sensors for the detection of objects. This can create challenges when surrounded by transparent materials like glass. Ultrasonic sensors can be used to solve even these most complex tasks.

By |October 20, 2020|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Data Matrix Positioning System PXV versus PCV—What’s the Difference?

Pepperl+Fuchs released the next generation of Data Matrix positioning—the PXV series. How does this Data Matrix positioning system differ from the proven PCV absolute positioning system?

By |June 09, 2020|Categories: Industrial Sensors|

3 Factors that Influence Double Sheet Detection

Double sheet sensors are used to monitor layers of materials as they are fed into machines. While the default settings for Pepperl+Fuchs’ double sheet sensors are suitable for over 90% of all usable materials, it is important to consider the following factors before choosing which settings to use: environmental conditions, material characteristics, and alignment accuracy. Each of these can affect measurement accuracy in double sheet detection and must be accounted for.

By |January 17, 2020|Categories: Industrial Sensors|

Three Ultrasonic Sensors for Effective Level Measurement

Storage tanks and silos in many different industries require overfill prevention and continuous level measurement to prevent equipment damage and downtime. This means a broad range of materials, such as chemicals, sludge, and gravel, must be reliably detected to maintain optimal process flows. Ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are designed to detect and measure the fill level of liquids and solids, no matter their storage location.

By |September 13, 2019|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

How to Align the Sensing Face of the Inductive Sensor VariKont

The inductive sensors of the VariKont series are available in different housings. In this blog post, we explain how you can quickly and easily align the sensing face depending on the design.

By |September 03, 2019|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Inclination Sensors: Pointing Solar Power in the Right Direction

Solar power is one of the most important answers to the question of renewable energy. Pepperl+Fuchs' high-precision inclination sensors can make solar power plants even more productive ...

By |July 25, 2019|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Can Ultrasonic Double Sheet Sensors Be Used for Label Detection?

Ultrasonic double sheet sensors help ensure continuous, error-free processes in a range of industrial applications. They are used to prevent more than one layer of material from being fed into a machine. The same technology behind double sheet detection can also be applied to label detection applications.

By |June 06, 2019|Categories: Applications, Industrial Sensors|


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