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We are pleased to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find useful information, applications, and guidance on the topics of automation, industrial sensors, and explosion protection.

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Welcome to our blog. Here you will find current articles on the topics of industrial automation and sensor technology.

Ultrasonic Sensor FAQ: Detection Range and Accuracy

To choose the right ultrasonic sensor for a particular application, it is necessary to determine which factors affect the detection range and accuracy of ultrasonic sensors and how incorrect measurements can be corrected.

By |November 12, 2018|Industrial Sensors, Knowledge Base|

Ultrasonic Sensor FAQ: External Influences on Sensor Operation

How do temperature, rain, and other external factors influence the performance of ultrasonic sensors? Read the blog article below to find out how ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs handle extreme conditions.

By |October 15, 2018|Industrial Sensors, Knowledge Base|

Ultrasonic Sensor FAQ: Differences between Diffuse Mode Sensor, Retroreflective Sensor, and Thru-Beam Sensor

Different operating modes can be achieved with ultrasonic sensors with switching output by appropriate construction and configuration. Learn more in this blog article about how diffuse mode sensors, retroreflective sensors, and ultrasonic thru-beam sensors work.

By |September 17, 2018|Industrial Sensors, Knowledge Base|

When Should I Use Which Surge Protector? Four Solutions at a Glance

Whether you control a process with a computer, process control system, PLC, or a field device, a surge protector can eliminate or reduce the risk of damage to sensitive electronics caused by transient overvoltage. In this article, we outline four surge protection solutions.

By |April 13, 2017|Explosion Protection|

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