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Securing Cargo on AMRs and AGVs

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Securing Cargo on AMRs and AGVs

Picking up, securing, and safely transporting cargo is the most important task of any automated guided vehicle (AGV) or autonomous mobile robot (AMR). In order to successfully complete this task, the proper sensors are required. This blog article shows which sensor solution may be suitable based on the cargo type.

Securing Metal Racks or Shelving

If your AGV or AMR is tasked with picking up and transporting metal racks, the easiest way to ensure the rack is in the correct position over the AGV or AMR is using inductive sensors. Inductive sensors are able to sense ferrous and nonferrous metals like aluminum. The range for an inductive sensor is generally smaller than other sensing methods—under 100 millimeters. The small sensing range and detection of only metal help ensure the AGV or AMR is in the right position and has the correct cargo. With certifications up to SIL 2/PL d, inductive safety sensors ensure safe processes.

induktive Sicherheitssensoren

Securing and transporting metal cargo with inductive safety sensors.

Securing Boxes, Bins, and Totes

Ultrasonic sensors are a great option for detecting boxes, bins, wire mesh crates, and totes. They emit a sound cone that offers a wide angle of detection and is independent of color and material. This means the ultrasonic sensor will be able to accurately sense and detect the cargo regardless of whether the object is black, reflective, solid, or even a slotted bin.

Securing of Pallets

Securing a pallet presents more challenges than a box or a rack. Not only does an AGV or AMR need to detect the pallet, in most cases it needs to be able to navigate the forks into the pallet pocket. One method is to mount ultrasonic sensors on the bottom of the AGV to look for the pallet pocket. This will help guide the forks once they are near the pallet pocket.

Another option is to use a multi-layer scanner, like the R2300 3-D LiDAR sensor. The R2300 has four scanning layers that will help navigate to the pockets of the pallet and give a dimension of the cargo, as well.

Ladungssicherung mit dem 3-D-LiDAR-Sensor R2300

The R2300 multi-layer scanner with its four scan layers helps to securely pick up pallets and other cargo.

Don’t see your cargo type here?

If you need further assistance in deciding on a sensing method, or your cargo is different than the types described above, please let us know. We would be happy to help!

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