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Series 6000 Purge and Pressurization Systems replace Series 2000

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Series 6000 Purge and Pressurization Systems Replace Series 2000

Unlike containment or prevention, purge and pressurization separates general-purpose equipment from the surrounding potentially explosive atmosphere using a standard, lightweight enclosure. The enclosure is then purged with industrial-grade air or inert gas to eliminate all hazardous gas inside. Then, the flow is decreased to maintain a pressure higher than that of the dangerous external atmosphere. This prevents the flammable mixture from coming in contact with the components inside the enclosure.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers an array of purge systems. The 2000 series is a legacy system that is now obsolete, and its recommended replacement is the 6000 series—the latest Type X purge system from Pepperl+Fuchs.

What makes the 6000 series unique?

The 6000 series purge and pressurization system has a few exclusive features, including inputs for system bypass, enclosure power on/off, temperature overload and activation of rapid exchange flow for cooling or an auxiliary relay for a separate cooling source, and delay power shutdown. The rapid exchange valve can also be used to initiate a higher flow rate into the enclosure to compensate for unknown and sudden leakages. Two output contacts can be configured to activate the input switches or the alarm states for pressure, flows, and temperature. Additional accessories like the temperature hub and sensors can be used to monitor and eliminate hot spots inside the enclosure. This ensures that the surface temperature can be monitored and maintained within a specific range.

Serie 6000 Überdruckkapselungssystem

The 6000 series comes with a digital pressure relief vent that can communicate with the control unit. The vent functions as a simple pressure relief device that allows gas to exit the enclosure during a purge cycle. Pressure and flow sensors located in the EPV 6000 vent measure the enclosure pressure and flow through the vent—a requirement for Zone 1 applications. This information is sent back to the 6000 series control unit, which allows for safe operation and system status monitoring via an incorporated user interface.

Easy-to-Mount Solution

Purge enclosures are mounted using predrilled mounting holes, but the ease of mounting and the number of mounting holes required vary from unit to unit. For example, mounting the 2000 series purge system was a complex process, installation was cumbersome, and the housing offered less protection.

The 6000 series purge and pressurization system, on the other hand, has a stainless steel housing that allows for universal mounting of the control unit. This minimizes the number of mounting holes required and reduces the potential installation issues compared to other purge and pressurization systems on the market.

The 6000 series is the most advanced Type X purge and pressurization system on the market. Designed as a complete solution for Division/Zone 1 hazardous operations, this stainless steel unit incorporates the controller, pneumatics, electrical I/O, and programming interface. With the intuitive user interface that allows you to configure the system to meet the needs of your specific application, the 6000 series provides reliable protection in the most demanding applications.

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