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We are pleased to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find useful information, applications, and guidance on the topics of automation, industrial sensors, and explosion protection.

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Welcome to our blog. Here you will find current articles on the topics of industrial automation and sensor technology.

How to Select an Enclosure Protection Vent for Purge and Pressurization Systems

An enclosure protection vent (EPV) is required for purge and pressurization systems. Have you ever wondered why there are several different types of enclosure protection vents for the same purge and pressurization system? In this blog article we will explain why an EPV is required and how to choose the right vent for your purge and pressurization system.

By |May 22, 2023|Explosion Protection|

Vision Sensors—Use Cases for Industrial Vision in Material Handling (Part 3)

Whether it is the adjustment of automated-guided vehicles, the positioning of stack carriers, or the removal control during order picking processes—material handling faces a multitude of challenges. To meet these, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a broad portfolio of vision sensors in material handling. Learn more about three application examples from storage and material handling in this blog article and discover the solution for your industrial vision task.

By |April 25, 2023|Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Vision Sensors—Three Examples for Industrial Vision in Material Handling (Part 2)

Whether control, positioning, or monitoring—the tasks of vision sensors in storage and material handling could hardly be more diverse. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a comprehensive portfolio in the area of industrial vision for the various requirements of these tasks. In this blog article, you will gain insights into three applications for vision sensors in material handling and learn what advantages the products used can also offer for your application.

By |April 13, 2023|Applications, Industrial Sensors|

How to Select the Right Purge and Pressurization System

Selecting the right purge and pressurization system to protect your plant from ignition sources in potentially explosive gas or dust atmospheres can be a challenging task. Learn how to choose a purge and pressurization system considering Class/Division or Zone and the features that fit your application needs.

By |March 31, 2023|Explosion Protection|

Vision Sensors—Three Examples for Industrial Vision in the Automotive Industry (Part 1)

Whether for automatic component inspection, code reading on vehicle components, or the positioning of electric monorail systems—the application areas of vision sensors are as diverse as the portfolio of industrial vision. Learn more about three application examples of vision sensors in the automotive industry.

By |March 08, 2023|Applications, Industrial Sensors|

Pallet Detection on Roller Conveyor Systems—Optical or Ultrasonic?

Until recently, customized solutions were required to detect different pallet types on roller conveyor systems. The Pallet Detector from Pepperl+Fuchs now allows flexible switching between two technologies. This enables different types of pallets to be detected using a single solution. Find out which version is most suitable for which type of pallet!

By |February 06, 2023|Applications, Industrial Sensors|

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