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M8 and M12 Connectors in New Design—for Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Robust components, high flexibility and international standardization: M8 and M12 connectors are the standard in factory automation. In this blog article, you will learn more about the new design of M8 and M12 connectors from Pepperl+Fuchs. Due to numerous technical optimizations, these connectors provide you with highly robust and durable connection technology that is easy and efficient to handle—from installation to maintenance.

Technical Enhancements for Simplified Installation

The M8 and M12 connectors in the new design enable particularly fast and simple installation in the field. This is made possible by several technical enhancements:

  • In addition to the longitudinal knurling, the connectors are equipped with hex flats. This allows them to be installed both by hand and with an open-end wrench.
  • The built-in fixed stop prevents overtightening during installation, so that the O-ring is reliably protected. The extended torque range (M8: 0.2…0.8 Nm; M12: 0.4…0.9 Nm) increases flexibility during installation.
  • A visually and haptically easily recognizable marking on the cable plug and socket enables quick and easy installation—without trial and error.
Connector by Pepperl+Fuchs in new design

A wide range of technical enhancements—for simplified installation and maintenance

Maximum Service Life Due to Rugged Design

Once the M8 and M12 connectors are in use, they impress with their particularly rugged design and increased resistance to vibrations and dirt. Various technical features are responsible for this:

  • Double crimp connections and an optimized vibration protection make the connectors highly resistant to vibrations.
  • Compared to the market standard, the creepage distance between the pins has been doubled. This significantly increases tolerance to dirt and moisture and minimizes the risk of short circuits—especially in environments with high humidity or dust in the air.
  • In addition to the zinc die-cast glands, V4A stainless steel glands are available to enable reliable connections even in industrial applications with aggressive process media.
  • The angled versions of the connectors feature a 100° angle instead of a 90° angle. This robust design increases the reliability of the connected cable by reducing the stress on the cable conductors. Additionally, the wider angle simplifies access to the gland, even in hard-to-reach places.
Connector with doubled creepage distance

Doubled creepage distance—for higher tolerance to dirt and moisture

Angled version of connector

Robust 100° angle design—for maximum service life and simplified installation

Innovative Design for Easy Maintenance

Due to various technical optimizations, you also benefit from the innovative design of the M8 and M12 connectors during maintenance:

  • The luminosity of the LED indicators has been increased so that the light signals are clearly visible even in strong ambient light. This enables improved status diagnostics and faster troubleshooting—even in hard-to-reach places.
  • With the help of imprinted numbers, the pins can be identified at first glance without the need for the data sheet. This prevents the wires from being mixed up during servicing.
  • In addition, the connectors are equipped with a captive O-ring: A recess for the O-ring has been built into the contact carrier so that the seal cannot fall out when the cable connector and cable socket are pulled apart. This unique solution from Pepperl+Fuchs guarantees maximum sealing in accordance with degrees of protection IP68 and IP69—even after many reconnections.
Connector with captive o-ring

Connector with captive O-ring—for increased tightness

Ideally Suited for the Integration of Sensors

Over the entire service life, you benefit from the optimized design of the M8 and M12 connectors: With their increased tightness and vibration resistance as well as simplified maintenance and installation, the connectors are ideal for integrating Pepperl+Fuchs sensors into your plant. With a large number of different variants of connectors and associated cables, the Pepperl+Fuchs connectivity portfolio offers the right solution for every installation.

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